Kick-off meeting

Date: January 26th, 2011
Place:Trnava University, Trnava, Slovakia

  • Adriana Ondrušová (Trnava University)
  • Barbara Hauser (Horizont 3000)
  • Barend Gerretsen (Royal Tropical Institute)
  • Daniela Kállayová (Trnava University)
  • Daniela Naništová (Trnava University)
  • Gabriele Tebbich (Horizont 3000)
  • Ján Rusňák (Saaic - National Agency Of The Lifelong Learning Programme)
  • Juraj Jančovič (Trnava University)
  • Lenka Fabianová (Trnava University)
  • Marek Majdan (Trnava University)
  • Martin Rusnák (Trnava University)
  • Miroslava Targošová (Trnava University)
  • Ondrej Botek (Trnava University)

Content Of The Meeting:
Opening and welcome

  • Professor Martin Rusnák

Introduction of the participants
Introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning Progamme guidelines  and principles

  • Ján Rusňák - SAAIC - National Agency Of The Lifelong Learning Programme

Summary of the project

  • Marek Majdan

Introduction Of Participating Partners

  • Royal Tropical Institute (Barend Gerretsen)
  • Horizont 3000 (Gabriele Tebbich)
  • Trnava University (Martin Rusnák)

Brainstorming about the possibilities, target group and domains of the project
Specification of program timeline and activities

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